sun shining through an iced over window with colors that start at the left of the image as deep blue and gradually turn to turquoise and gold as the ice thins


Gently painting genre into a corner

Welcome. I'm Wm Henry Morris. I read, write and edit fiction. My primary interests are literary fiction — especially the modernist novel — and speculative fiction — especially literary fantasy, urban fantasy, the weird, and far future SF (dying earth). And I like my speculative fiction to skew literary and my literary fiction to not shy away from the fantastical.


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Six Dreams of the Future, Big Echo 15: The Quarantine Issue — short story, literary fiction? science fiction?

It Is a Rare Thing the Emperor Requireth, Big Echo 11: Religion & SF Issue — short story, science fiction

Ghosts of Salt and Spirit, Big Echo 7: Winter 2018, (№7 PART I Not to Predict the Future, but to Change It--SF FROM THE SESQUICENTENARY OF DAS KAPITAL) — short story, science fiction

Storytime at the White Hart, Big Echo 4: Spring 2017, (THE C STANDS FOR CATASTROPHE, AN ARTHUR C. CLARKE TRIBUTE ALBUM WITH LINER NOTES) — short story, science fiction

SafeForge, Big Echo 2, Autumn 2016 — short story, science fiction


KTCO Book Club - Tender by Sofia Samatar, Keep the Channel Open — podcast, literary criticism

Salvage: Tim Maughan’s Infinite Detail and the Impossibility of Near Future Science Fiction, Big Echo — literary criticism